Taxi (1978) TV Series

This is an offering of the hilarious Taxi (1978) TV Series starring Danny
DeVito, Judd Hirsh, Merilu Henner and Tony Danza amongst others.
We dont get enough clean sane enuf humour on TV anymore - unlike
the days of "Who's the boss? Seinfeld, Threes Company, Mash, and
even the often side splitting humourously scripted for the most part
"Big bang theory" along with "Cheers" for its insightful moments into
comedy of the era (and more) likewise.

Collect all we have to offer you and share for everybody's sake as
there may never be this specific brand of saner humour and insight
into better times gone by it would appear than with the material we
bring you at this site. so share in good "christian spirit" (generic term -
I'm no longer a church member or adherent from ages back when I
became a Humanist believer instead - same spirit in my own regards)
as all need this to survive with better sensibilities nicer such material
as these programs bring you in demeanor and disposition and in mirth
of spirit, better sanely considered ultimately.

We'll bring you better when HD becomes available just as soon as
these goofs make it available that sit on our material for their own
ideas of nirvana instead - god help them if they're found out to be
meanly doing so! (Why else??) Expropriate the whole lot I say!
I say we've paid in enuf for crissakes now! (or be reasonable in any
event for actual full bluray disc quality) What we give here are only
samples of the real thing for crissakes! 4K TVs are everywhere and dirt
cheap! 720p eliminated 480p TVs decades ago when 480p production
was 100% replaced by 720ps initially and then also 1080p - you folks
still put out 480p DVDs!!  1080p became the standard along the way
decades ago too.  Now even 2160p is expected around . Get with the
times folks a the studious making this content available for us where
we need it most for everyone's lives to improve with! what's better than
doing just that? eh!

Michael Rizzo Chessman
(moviesbyrizzo TV Series comment)

Our 480p HDrip XviD version
here is a about half the size of our fuller version posted
on the net for you to gain insights from additionally too
folks! ta!

Click here for an XviD version download
of full Seasons 1-2 (17GB)

Click here for an XviD version download
of full Seasons 3-5 (25GB)