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Anthony Hopkins

Hal Holbrook

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No - this isn't "Russia House" where an endearing Sean Connery professes the greatest love he feels capable of as a man, confessed to the Russian women in his desire for her, as played by
Michelle Pfeiffer, Connery's character making the point that if we are to be for anyone of our own, that has to include uppermost in his own mind the lovely beauty he has finally found for himself
to have won him over so completely - the blonde spirited women of Russia.

Instead this movie we bring you today, unlike itunes has often shown much insensitivity in making only miserly sized versions of content available and in some cases using the own "judgement"
to deprive fans of nicer available quality such as HD prints which should always be the basic option wherever available fer crissakes as amazon has done along the way, including for this movie, where
amazon has provided ten times the size of video and far superior audio along the way, however we cannot access that content just yet it would seem, as they require purchasers be US registered and
connect without a VPN from a US IP address. I guess they must think only they're instead all pretty special down there and nowhere else instead too huh go figure - ha ha

Instead we have Hal Holbrook a news reporter from America based in Russia during the communist soviet era decades ago (a period which the great Mikhail Gorbachev freed the Russian peoples from
along with his successor President Putin who thinks you'd have to be insane to want that period back as he lives for the love of sociably loving human communities with the best bonds instead in modern
day Russia - with the love of real "Vodka" being his natural endowment in his capacity to share his spirit in great social ideas instead of the new "commie" model coming into being stateside
whose cruelty to normal human beings not wanting to see human rights relegated to the "back" burner as it were while "cancel culture" (a euphmism for the negation of human sanity")
tries to take over with all its reverse minded genius instead. Even in this movie the Bush mindset's underlying makeup is betrayed by Hal Holbrook who asserts romance and passion for women
of the likes of Goldie Hawn (who plays a Russian woman equally and with great authentic charm as is needed to be true to the role of what lovely human spirits of blonde women are to be found
in greatest preserved form to this very day in Russia even above anywhere else I daresay)

Michael Rizzo Chessman
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