The Hunt for red october

"The hunt for red October" Sean Connery

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For the folks in Russia, the oppressiveness of enforced communistic
times are thankfully nor over. The human spirit must now flourish
in that land there which has some of the nicest of  human being on
the planet such as seen in the beautiful images of Mikhail Gorbachev
and the gals who abound there plentifully with greatness of spirit
and romantic idealism - the stuff of which the great lives are
ultimately made of for those with the sanest ideas on this only,

The spirit of our best folks there is going to the source of wisdom
to replace what poor direction we have had from other quarters it
seems until now who lack the real goodness of the spirit of the
Russians who have yet to take center stage on our issues globally
with the truly remarkable decency of the late Rt Hon President
Mikhail Gorbachev and his policies of perestroika which called for
truth and genuine care for folks of merit there and elsewhere that
are willing to be equally fair minded ultimately on our issues as
Gorbachev certainly proved himself to be - thereby potentially
saving the entire planet as he did as a man of supremely great
spirit to anyone else he dealt with by comparison, by example
I suggest.
Michael Rizzo Chessman