Tamen poetis mentiri licet
"Nevertheless, it is allowed of poets - to lie"

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The King's speech (2010)

Starring Colin Firth as the future King George VI and as well with well known stars such as
Michael Gambon Derek Jacobi and Helena Bonham Carter along with actor from Australia co-starring, Mr. Geoffrey Rush, our proudly humanly source of great warmth to full the entire empire at this point with humanistic great human sanity yet I suggest.

It is precisely on this point that the character as scripted for Colin Firth who plays king, asserts himself to our Australian chap, that as an "ordinary" Australian, Firth thinks himself far superior, in rank for crissakes, as being royalty in fact, (a godly appointment even in the minds of some confused by all this in the goings on here) rather than "a man from the outbacks" as it were. Yes, its true many Australians might have left England as undesirables in the minds of many they left behind, but I can only say it must have been to join their fellow warm human beings on the planet back then all together in one warm place. So getting rid of someone doesn't make you superior, if in fact its because they happen to be nicer than yourself as one could clearly argue in comparing the two men involved in this discussion as I note.

We also find that just as popes even can be altogether fallible to those in their congregation wanting to belong to a church preaching normal relationships over the promotion of gay practices instead such as is now officially the approved position of the church it would appear. practices banned in their own bible by their supposed god, yet still want to interfere in the sexual practices of normal couples by denying them contraception use in some idea of a power trip which boggles the mind. Kings are no less fallible to the civis romanus for instance as we know of what Calligula (of Brittania?) who ruled in Rome too for crissakes!

Whats interesting is that the king in this movie asserts himself to be the "voice of the people" (as he speaks with a stutter it is interesting to suggest it might in fact be an imperfect voice in some manner, unusable even in the minds of many in what are the current ideas being preached from the throne through parliaments in such examples as open borders and the preference to movements such as those promoting minority Black rights exclusively over white voices even where the groups involved (BLM etc) are known to be vigilantes that have even been described as terrorist minded thugs - calling for the end of Police in our communities so they can run rampant. Think of the sharia law minded terrorists rampant in London , known to authorities yet nothing done to remove them as nothing is forthcoming as a voice of reason anymore whether from the throne or from parliament - which seems all too complacent in seeming defiance of reason. So none are infallible we see the opposite to be true and so the king was made a figurehead as Charles I was sent to execution over excesses of power of the monarch while Oliver Cromwell asserted the rights of parliaments to rule where in fact debates can openly occur and action taken after sober reflection of all the minds brought together for this purpose seeming to be there for competent reasons as was intended no doubt please - this is what we are left with in our bid to improve what policies are being flaunted about, as Firth's King character says, he has no real powers other than to give his opinion in some idea of giving the best voice to what the peoples wishes might be in his own mind ultimately I fear to say, based on what we know of all this now now in our history

It is interesting to see how a man such as Colin Firth playing king can assert himself as superior based on nothing more than formal authority granted to him by the throne, while in reality calling down a man with a superior mind arguably in this case for sure, with nothing of validity but a mind radiating hostility to retard those around him who are in fact saner than him appearing so at all times I would say. In the absence of saner voices being heard and being allowed to prevail instead, we will continue on the downward slope to the end of mankind as we know it in what are thoughts ideas and ability for  feeling in a caring way, become less and less prevalent in our midst as people slip away who are barely holding on now given the ravages of the degeneration of all we have been through as a human race seeming finally to be showing everywhere we look around us right now I fear to have to be the one to say.

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