the lives of others
The lives of others (2006)

"Latin quote: Terra salutiferas herbas, eademque nocentes Nutrit, et
urticae proxima saepe rosa est.
"The same earth nourishes health-giving plants - and
injurious plants and the rose is often close to the nettle"

Latin quote: Commune periculum concordium parit
"Common danger produces agreement"
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Communism was always an anathema to the existence of the realmost Irish
spirits of the world and for those of merit in respect of individualistic competence. 

This movie deals with how Germans tried to cope with the effects of Communistic 
rule including the secret Police apparatus and the harassment which came from it 
all until the world had finally had enough and allowed the peoples of 
Germany to re-unite ending decades of cruel and unusual punishment 
which is what they had lived with for all too long by then, with their own peoples 
involved in oppression of a police state nature as other movies here attest to
such as "Barbara" (2012) starring Fraulein Ms. Nina Hoss etc. 

Michael Rizzo Chessman