The Pope of Greenwich village  The Pope of Greenwich village (1984)

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One Oscar nomination for this great movie with the truly nice Mickey Rourke (one of our own dear chaps at along with dearest Ms. Daryl Hannah (we have her at This mob related flick is an eye opener to say that with the right opportunities, great Italian oriented men like the character depicted by our own Mickey Rourke wouldn't have to resort to risking their lives in dangerous or illegal work, and in fact it is this frustration which is responsible for whatever crime from this quarter we see played out on the streets in New York (loan sharking, unfair extortion, fixed or crooked gambling joints etc) or Italy by some of the men who become caught up in this - simply because - they are not doing what they would be doing in many cases - if they simply had better choices, more rewards for what are their god-given talents endowment as such truly greatest men and their capabilities in general along of course with second-to-none spirit. These are men who are or can be decent with a spiritual awakening of sorts - a reminder of who we are ultimately and will be more so in their engagements I believe once we start to insist (soon I expect) on more justice in this world so these men have what is their due with whatever power than can accrue to them over the earth and its resources in a manner most fair and which will see all the present instances of evil eradicated instead - wherever unfair outcomes presently prevail at the present time that is. It is never right to take from those who are more deserving to a specific benefit in Christianly sense of merit (Mickey Rourke reminds Pauley of this when Pauley begrudges giving the Irishman who helped them in a heist, his $50k due), however it is also wrong to let others have what you rightly should have instead based on Christianly merit and I say that too all Irish spirited folk who have christianly merit as Mickey Rourke demonstrates, and which you will find is supreme in the other such men he is depicting in this movie certainly - Irish related spirited sorts of Italy Spain etc. Daryl Hannah is beautiful - what a great showing of her spirit too in this movie - she has to be on the team ultimately supporting her man, rather than wanting to retard him in any unspirited way, and this is precisely what we see - she is trying to help him be better at what it is he knows best already he is called to do in whatever situation in order to continue to survive and provide for them both in loving spirit.

 Michael Rizzo Chessman