Three's company  Three's Company


I used to subscribe specially to a TV channel called "deja-vu" just to see re-runs of this favourite show of mine along with MASH

We have several editions of this series on the net for you in offerings of folders several times the size of what we give you here at the start if you so wish

SD (non HD sourced XviD Version - can be viewed on a computer
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This is a most popular of the USA sitcoms in history. A story about Jack Tripper a man who presents as gay which allows him to share an apartment with two lovely gals from time to time (different cast members such as Suzanne Somers and the equally beautifully human spirit of dearest Ms. Priscilla Barnes along the way) and co-starring Joyce Dewitt and the nice chap who lives upstairs who's
always out to score too, it seems.

The landlord "Mr. Roper" says to "Jack" that he is welcome to stay as he has "rights the same as any other minority" (Old fashioned and new-found "wisdom" wouldn't have allowed a straight presenting man to live there instead it would appear"

There is so much humour I often am laughing so loud my next door neighbour must be able to hear for moments along the way I bet. "Jack" is cast as good natured along with his antics in trying to be real nice and caring to the gals, while maintaining his gay charade with the landlord couple, and then while trying to make out with other beautiful gals along the way additionally. In real life he died young, recently, sad to say for his many fans from this show.

Michael Rizzo Chessman