Tin Men (1987)
Richard Dreyfuss,  Danny Devito

nullis fraus tuta latebris 
("fraud is safe in no hiding place")


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This is another movie that ranks among my
personal favourites.  Tin Men is an excellent human

story that comes to us from Hollywood to describe the
life of the door to door salesman who's looking to make
a quick killing as it were, throughout his working hours.

I know something of this business as I sold vaccum
cleaners myself while in high school for some pocket
money as it were as my parents had no ability to come
up with anything in this regard given their high mortgage
and other expenses.

Although I didn't use the door to door approach (I was
given pre-arranged appointments to show off the 
"Filter Queen" products (by the way, they are the
best in the business, even these several decades 
later I find when I shop for a vaccum personally -
there are deals to be found in older used ones
in shops around town in any event), I have a lot
of understanding for the business and characters
that are depicted in the movie.

It's sad when a culture evolves in such a manner
that people simply don't feel that they are always
dealing with their own kin, in a way as to make
for a conscionable existence by comparison for
example to what you will find in most communities
in Europe. Even in Russia with the mob now operating
there, there is a sense of community that endures
and that will never be destroyed to the extent of seeing
each person in your midst as only a means to an end.

That unfortunately is the message of this movie 
and others like "Death of a salesman" and many
other such examples in fact.

If folks are to you just a prospect for a sale
and you don't care how its done, then I'm afraid
you lack a good enough existence to teach any
of your wisdom, in this regard. I think we should
learn from Europe instead. Better still, there's
Jessica Lange who could set it all up for us as
good Christians to show the world a better way.

Its a great comedy for those that enjoy this 
genre, and I always will feel close to the characters 
given my own background even though I'm 100% the 
opposite in being concerned with integrity, while the 
scripted characters in the movie are clearly not. As
such, the feeling is superficial, however it is there and
quite emphatically so.

Great movies such as this and others that
we show off here are either not well enough
advertised or promoted, or they are simply
written off by the industry to the point where
they refuse to make them even available - at any
price - go figure!

I hope to see the industry make a fortune with our
efforts here, provided they put the HDrip  DVDs on the
shelves at just five bucks each. That's fair for all and its
a richer scheme than what they've got going now.
And more sensible too. (For the community minded).

Michael Rizzo Chessman