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Our ultimate point of view on these matters:
Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly
 While bad people will find a way around the laws - Plato


an effort of
The Humanist Movement
(founded  by Mr. Michael Rizzo Chessman)

tempora mutantur et homines deteriorantur - 
times change and men deteriorate (gesta Romanarum)


For the past decade or so, it has been my privilege to
serve the most merited members of our public (mainly in
euro areas on the planet
), with the best selections of movie
material, music and documentaries designed to promote
understanding on issues which relate to a more humanistic
form of existence on the planet, bringing an understanding
of the material involved so as to negate the degeneration
of values which seek to destroy the human fabric of what
has been the Irish spirit of Christianly folk who have
previously been seen fit to prevail in such matters instead.

We plan ultimately to see funding for our efforts in order to
 compensate for losses suffered by any worthy artist or studio
who has yet to recover their costs and reasonable returns
on the materials we make use of, however do do seek fairness in this regard and do not seek to see funding of rubbish now being produced to destroy the saner ways of thinking and being in choices of movie selection which seek diversity of opinion rather than sensibility which had previously prevailed in such matters when saner minds were at play in making these decisions. Music to help raise the spirit of our folks in an
edifying way and with the design of the best artistic talent
ultimately to see a return of the Irish spirit in our souls and
minds is the ultimate goal in this regard as an added goal no doubt in this regard. We do promote artists and the works
of many movie makers of the past in the main along with producers of many more recent documentaries (such as those we find featured on the free "library funded" website We do hope those with the right merit will be better regarded and better subscribed to in regards to the level of appreciation they receive throughout our history in the coming years and decades and in some cases, generations, even, and are always remembered in this respect as having been the better if not the best contributors along the way to what it is we are trying to achieve in all fairness on the planet.

So, if Robin Hood is what we have to be at times towards those that are in a position to be of service to mankind, and see merited folks receive in such cases, we thing we have the upper hand morally ultimately and would make this declaration openly in the courts of public opinion and elsewhere in this regard ultimately as might be required when the time is right. We continue to believe and assert openly that there is an apparent agenda of sabotage of the spirit and position on the planet of the best folks with objective merit, by lesser minded beings set upon them using resources that should rightly be expropriated for the public good ultimately in this respect certainly. that remains our goal at the final end.

Our torrent downloads dating as far back as a decade ago can be found on
the net posted with moviesbyrizzo and musicfromrizzo tags mainly, and for
the most part can be found at the best sites such as (the site that allows
for the best torrent descriptions, including updating them whenever we need to
as we sometimes do, along with other great features and site functionality such
as image embedding with descriptions and pleasant appeal of the software
aesthetics in use) , (a site with a greater following than many
other historically it would sometimes often seem - although their software is
prone to more crashes than we like to see - and doesn't show any numbers to
guide you in what the numbers of downloaders etc are on any item of interest
- many having abandoned the idea of trying to do more to promote merited
material from days mainly in previous era of enjoyment tastes all around
seemingly at such sites too often) (nice folks here too!)  and  other such helpful sites to our cause in being merited and  altogether fair, we believe in our social agenda and what it is  we do to serve the cause of humanity at the end of the day as  we say at some point soon. Our karaoke sample collections are available for free here too:


-founded by:
Mr. Michael Rizzo Chessman


Humanism defined
Humanism is the belief in the capacity of
the best people to find universal moral guidance and spiritual fulfillment by simply "looking within"

supra vires - beyond one's legitimate powers
Not all people get the same sort of ideas on wisdom when considering what they think they are considering moral matters as they become guilty of "anthropomorphism" since their ideas are more clearly an actual  reflection of their human failings
 rather than any true genuine  goodness, sanely valid.