Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

Vicky Cristina Barcelona  (2008)

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This movie is about potentially a most romantic encounter possible for the Spanish girl traveller shown along with the beautiful American gal
that's  involved with a Spanish man of handsome disposition with sensitivity character and strength
of manhood in the best of mores available on the earth, I believe

Ultimately we learn that the man in question has
loyalties that keep him having to look after a style
of woman that's shown as his ex wife and lover perhaps along the way who vents with extreme anger hostility and radiance of a witch like intensity and persona to the extent of causing him harm, and those he might want to be partnered with instead for the benefit of all concerned.

I hope to free this man to receive a better trophy in what gals are available to a man of his goodness (like Cristina in this flick and others of her genre perhaps additionally through an education campaign reaching all involved as there are precious few dear men
and women left I believe on the earth who can give each other an equal sense of merited love beauty and care). Italy has the best of men I believe (and Spain too I often say) while Germany, France, Holland,
Dutch South African incl plus Australia and America including Ireland everywhere,  the best of women I would say (Germanic related Irish that is, in the main).

Michael Rizzo Chessman