Victor Victoria (1982)
1982 movie version
of "Victor Victoria"
Sine amore jocisque nil est jucundum
Without actual real love and true laughter, nothing is pleasant)

In the language of Latin:  "Novi ego hoc saeculum, moribus quibus siet"
translated (loosely of course) - "This appears to be an age of
widespread negation of historically quientessentially, in fact, saner
thought ideas on customs" 

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Victor victoria 


Victor Victoria (1982) - Starring Ms. Julie Andrews, and Mr. Robert Preston
One of the nicest movies ever made to rejuvenate the human spirit.
This wonderful movie Victor Victoria has un unforgettable scene in it -
one of the most memorable in movie making history for its humanistic
 appeal. It's the "restaurant scene" featuring Miss Julie Andrews and
Mr. Robert Preston. Hard out on their luck, they have to act completely
desperate for a meal - "at the Ritz" for that matter! taking the risk of 
their very lives! Then again there are two (or one more at least, certainly, 
great songs of all time). Then again, the music in the opening credits is "to 
die for". 

Along with the complete restaurant scene, the two most unforgettable
 songs (scenes) I refer to are:
"gay Paree"
"You and me"
"crazy world"

No decent sort should ever begrudge a Ms. Julie Andrews
a meal  - the best meal there could be in fact! No, she doesn't
have to be made over into a "gay male pretender" to "get by"  for 
crissakes! Why bother to make it so hard to see this truth! Therein 
lies what greatness there is in our spirit of supreme human for those 
that know this for their own selves in fact! 

Michael Rizzo Chessman