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"Waiting for God (BBC Television Series)" - BBC
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While there is certainly much of a sense of humour to recognize and celebrate in this sort of material, I do want to make a note that I find some of it a bit unpleasant and unneccessary to display - I'm referring for example to Season 3 Episode 4 titled "Harvey's fiancee" In this particular episode for example, a women of the greatest Germanic beauty and spirit and intelligence - the best of what is British I believe is assaulted with a pie in the face by the witch like persona of the woman playing "Jane" who also calls her some horribly nasty names simply because she knows that its competition she cannot keep up with due to her obviously grossly inferior spirit and countenance among other things I suspect. I never want to see one of our best gals treated this way, even if its in some display of sick humour as the wrong mentalities are appealed to I believe and its something we should want to see out of our world instead. Enjoy the sarcastic wit and humour of a couple in late stage of life doing their best to get along and be nice to everyone whenever they can. I do enjoy the show myself at times and I hope you will too as we just cant get enough of British programming around the planet for my liking.

Michael Rizzo Chessman
britishcanada.org founder - moviesbyrizzo