Mr. Michael Douglas with dear Ms. Daryl Hannah
Wall Street  (1987)

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In this notorious movie from 1987, Michael Douglas's character
declares to a bunch of stockholders in the US that "greed is good"
"greed is where it's at"

We do of course have to reject the notion of greed being a better core
value in our folks over having concern for members of our community on
the whole wherever we come together on the basis of merit.

Where others in our midst lack merit and yet demand or feel entitled to a
share of what is ours on some humanistically actually dubious notion of being
supposedly equal (just by the fact of their existence - going against better
notions of truest christianly merit in fairness ultimately) we are of course entitled
to say no, and that is what I say is the approach we must take on the planet, whether
in regards to allocation of resources, allowances of reasonable degrees of
atmospheric pollution, employment prospects and generally speaking, the fruits
of the earth, and the bounties which flow therefrom.

Michael Rizzo Chessman