Water (india) 2005 telefilm-Canada   Water
(India  2005)


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This movie ends with an (Indian revolutionary leader) Mahatma Gandhi like figure declaring to those of his fellow Indian populace "What we believed to be of God was what we saw as truth" Now we must instead believe what is actually true to be our God instead. This is a terrible movie to inflict on polite and sensitive sensibilities, - a little girl complains that she is in fact being cruelly mistreated by a mindset no less than that of a "witch" (the actual word she uses - according to the english subtitles). In a land fraught with superstition and controversial religious dogma and the like, where bride burning, infanticide, the mandated suicide by "burning alive" women who survive their husbands who for some reason have died earlier, and the acid attacks on women who spurn potential suitors as it were, and the slaughter of )(mainly moslems) by Hindu tribesmen who reject the sins of "consuming beef with death to those so called offenders to their own religious mindsset as it were. In such a land, it is often refreshing that you find competent human beings with fullness of care and spirit and decency towards others who would want to be free of this madness which exists to this very day I fear to say. I do hope that the best of their people will take over on the planet (in India and everywhere this conflict between mindsets exists) and the cruelties and barbarities we know of to be true be brought to a complete end with no exceptions left to go on with such madness as this (the movie tells of a six year old girl sent to a widows retreat)

Michael Rizzo Chessman