Si qui vis apte nubere, nube pari
"If you wish to make a fitting marriage, marry your equal"

When a man loves a woman (1994)
Starring Meg Rya
n and Andy Garcia

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I watched most of this movie feeling pain in remembering relationships I've
had with the "Meg Ryans" of this world - to whatever degree individually,
and I could only keep saying out loud "Please! Please! Please! don't 
leave me Meg! (I was putting myself into the picture in Andy Garcia's role -
although I'm real Irish-Italian and he has the same stuff - only from a
different school. (I was married into a wealthy family from Australia - 
a gal with a princess like charm in what was her manner. 
She was called Elizabeth.

Meg Ryan has a problem - the pickings are slim, folks always trying to talk 
her out of taking real and genuine care where its available (And Andy Garcia
has it to spare if you really get to know the true greatness in him - and she 
doesn't think he cues quite as much on the quick uptake and so she feels left
out when around her own crowd.

Yet what is being on the "in" of pop culture in America preaching to Meg other
than "affirmative action" of the worst kind exclusively?

It is true though that Garcia is perhaps too intense in his approach at times,
sometimes seeming blind to what is good and the right thing to do. he is
I think, smothering towards the child in this movie shown wanting to seek out
her real father for example - I suggest he uses the wrong instincts to
win - sorta thinking all can even be somehow in a figurative sense brought to
their knees as it were, in some respect - if he were to perhaps just maybe insist
on the "it'll pass" approach as the right solution to what the problems are,
as he sees them instead.

You certainly do have to know when to give a person space, and realize what is
even somewhat assault ive (strong word) in some respect, on fragile sensibilities.
Yet Garcia wants to be good - and he has it within him to learn the better way.
We aren't shown much in the movies of what Meg Ryan often has to endure from
types she's normally around - you might just consider Garcia an actual saint
in the making after all.

Meg Ryan often plays too hard to get (in life through such situations) in a way
that cannot be overcome, other than she feels you have had to endure so as to 
affirm her sense of worth. What is that worth? Fact is that if she chose to
presses the bargain - there's no price too high that she wouldn't deserve
hypothetically. Such German-Irish gals are as God on earth in their capacity
for Christianly beauty that is not seconded anywhere on gods green earth - 
I speak of course broadly to include all the Irish spirited gals of 
the most dear in Germany and even Sweden and elsewhere - even the US/Russia
certainly too. Yet the American model is certainly in particular a great
Christian the capacity for goodness so as to be a beacon to the planet at
some point. They'd have to remember the accent they once spoke with back in 
Germany or Ireland - and lo and behold - even more true brilliance would 
overcome them. Of this I am altogether certain. Truly great folks there

But what's the point  of breaking something just to hand it to someone back and
then say "now you can keep it cause if it wasn't broke - it would be more than
you deserve. (Referring to Garcia's capacity to show a loving heart here in a
manner of speaking that is, and Megs care for him in return).

No man can truly and adequately deserve Meg Ryan I suppose. She is just too
beautiful for adequate human appreciation. She has to be cared for and nurtured
and love without reservation. But if she is to remain sane and in her human beauty
she must be fair as well, to those who are deserving it. They only must be willing
to try and be ably willing to do better - and demonstrably so - they might just
turn out to be the best when they have been shown the ropes. Only they'd have to
come with some wisdom too and the stuff of Garcia has endured much and remained
greatly virile and committed to the care of family and with true genuine emotions
of conscientious care and love second to none, I submit, when it is in fact secure.

Meg Ryan deserves an Irish spirited man who has real love to give and will
treasure and comfort her and bring her joy. Andy Garcia should be allowed to
audition in full fairness. He could just be the best she's got with what the
world has come to in some respects now. I can tell you his sort doesn't 
tolerate OJ getting away with what he did - and he would stake his life if he
were protecting his own in a situation of life and death in the legitimate
defence of his community. That's scary for some - on the other hand - what's
not scary about those that ask OJ for autographs instead? I'm just saying Meg
doesn't have any true vocal friends left - as they're all preachin equality down
there just now. So what's a lovely gal to do? 

By the way, its not quite fair that she asks Garcia not to act as though he can 
cure all with just his strength. Loving care with supportive strength of
true Christianly wisdom is what a man must give or no woman will remain healthy
mentally speaking. Her spirit will wither and she will not remain with him given
the chance. She needs strength. But physically engaged strength alone cannot 
save the day in America. You have to be on the "team"  as it were or no one pulls 
the strings for you. as such he faces unfair competition and doesn't really know 
the system he is into well enough to play as a winner should. He might just be 
shocked to learn how to cue well enough to say yeah' I guess I could sell my soul 

I never had any tolerance for seeing someone raise their voice to a Meg Ryan
however I now only insist it be in competent true Christianly spirit (god-
like in fact), based on merited genuine care and true love and in fully deserving
fashion - or else I'm not going to stand idly by myself! I love this gal dearly
and it is to her happiness that I stake my life. At the expense of all - none
excepted! be nice to this gal, huh! 

I love you Meg Ryan! Please don't ever leave a nice guy again! They be hard
to find as it is dear! ever seen a grown man cry? that's what Andy Garcia and
me are made to do with genuine care!

So there!

Michael Rizzo Chessman