When Harry Met Sally - Meg Ryan

Si qui vis apte nubere, nube pari
"If you wish to make a fitting marriage, marry your equal"

When harry met sally (1989)
Starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal

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This movie starring the beautiful and lovely too Ms. Meg Ryan - along with a misfit in a romantic 
role of sorts in this connection Billy Crystal who got picked no doubt for his other talents such 
as knowing whom to kowtow to with his particular style and manner that is. 

The question raised in this movie is whether a man can have a successful relationship with 
a woman with whom he is not involved sexually - whether he finds her attractive or not - 
without wishing for sex with her somewhere along the line - whether at the outset 
perhaps or later as the relationship blooms and takes shape that is. 

It is my own opinion (more in an upcoming book I'm working on) that men and women 
must seek many partners during the course of their careers as members of our community 
with whom to share love and companionship in what is to come in the future of such 
matters it would appear. 

Men and women must be free (even if they are in a relationship) to be altogether 
comfortable treating other potential partners of the future as though the prospect could 
become a reality and therefore offer them the respect and caring attitude even before 
they actually are actually fully involved with each other as may be the case for them in 
the future. 

The spirit withers away when tied to one for too long and with no other outlets 
in the meantime such as friends and even lovers perhaps too who may be kept 
at a distance somehow so as to not cause harm to current relationships each 
may be involved in already. In any event I think its ok to treat a gal (such as your 
sister in law for example) in a completely innocent manner, while loving her in a 
spirit nevertheless in a way to assure her that if your brother was incapacitated 
for some reason in the future, she could count on you to step in - provided you 
are as good a match for each other equally - or more even. In the meantime 
the love you may all share in this situation for each others wives that are of 
your worth in merit reciprocally should be quite as real as warranted by the 
attractiveness involved for each other - and not being ashamed to show affection 
and care and attention for each other - as though you may be mates in the future 
as all will have lived with more love being shown to them by all deserving of them 
during the course of their careers on the planet I believe. (Whether just as caring 
companions as members of the community or even lovers if the case warrants 
and all are comfortable with it - although that's a tall order at the moment i think 
- given how we are made - as normally having an affairs spells the end of the 
relationship you happen to be in previously - no matter how long you draw it out and 
protract matters in belabouring fashion. We simply aren't made with a mind that allows 
us to share sexual and romantic partners I'm sure. That however I also believe 
nevertheless will change as I think we will find it a great benefit indeed to adapt to the 
prospect of sharing equally with merit - a right accorded to all deserving member of 
a close knit community which could be drawn together perhaps with this idea in mind. 

Thanks for sharing 

Michael Rizzo Chessman