Who's the boss? TonyDanza with Judith Light  Who's the boss? With Mr. Tony Danza and Ms. Judith Light

For some bigoted mindsets in this business, they can never seem
to get up to enuf mischief it would appear - such as holding back
this series from being released for digital download (HD please!) -
when it would cost nothing to do! Zero! NADA! Yet these stupidos
cant seem to do anything of any sanity for us decent folks at all -
fans of Tony Danza and dear Ms. Judith light is who we are, and
stupid is who you are who cant stand for us to be who we are -
better than you eh!

Put the shit on the shelves or at least get it on itunes and
amazon for a quick download - the whole bloody series that is -
stop holding back or making decisions on who's bloody equal enuf
to you to have what we need as you seem to have of the shit that's
going around instead - thanks to you - for now...

Michael Rizzo Chessman
(moviesbyrizzo TV Series postings)

Below are our download links to basic viewable
versions on your pc - we will have a nicer version
soon from a web-dl source we have to spend some
time working on- however we'll have it soon - ciao

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We'll post some 1080 clip and full episode
samples next